Hotel Anne Klare Zijl 1
8501 AZ Joure
+31 (0)513 410 030


Welcome to Hotel Anne-Klare, a hospitable and attractive boutique hotel in the middle of the pleasant town of Joure. The hotel has 8 rooms that are uniquely and stylishly decorated. Downstairs in the hotel is the coffee bar. Sit cozy with friends around the fireplace, enjoy a Frisian beer.

Coffee, Lunch and Dinner

At Anne-Klare you can enjoy coffee with homemade cake, delicious lunch and a light dinner. Our coffee is criminally delicious, we bake almost everything ourselves, our meat products are organic and 3*better life and we simply get the cheese from the farmer ourselves.

Herman den Blijker gave us a big boost with our milkshakes and the now famous toasted sandwiches. We continued this with surprising lunch dishes and dinner.

We serve all our dishes from 12:30 to 19:30. So you can enjoy the dishes all day long. Take a look at our menu: Menu Bij Anne-Klare 2021


Feel the freedom of Friesland on the water! Experiencing Friesland from the water gives an extra dimension to your visit. Sail past old farms, pastures with cows and of course the Frisian Lakes. Friesland has a unique infrastructure over the water. a deserted island for swimming, sail past the Waterpoort in Sneek and have a look at the Skutsje Silen.

We have manoeuvrable diesel sloops with and without a skipper!

You should feel comfortable sailing and we do our best for that! It can be quite busy on the water and then some basic sailing knowledge comes in handy. That is why we have various options for sailing. You can make a reservation at +31 513 410 030

There is always a sailing instruction where we explain how the boat works, how to sail safely and what the etiquette is while sailing..

We also have a 2 hour instruction. Then our skipper will sail with you for 2 hours. You will then receive practical instruction, in which we teach you to moor, sail with wind and deal with unexpected situations. After 2 hours, our skipper disembarks and you can continue your trip.

The ultimate luxury is of course being sailed. You determine the destination, but our skipper knows the most beautiful ditches and the best restaurants. Our guests experience that bringing a skipper with them is really worthwhile.

A lunch or drinks basket can of course always be provided by Hotel Anne-Klare

We currently have 1 sloop with authentic sloop with wooden deck and hydraulic steering for optimum maneuverability


For a real Friesland experience it is advisable to book a package. This will completely relieve you as a guest. The packages consist of a stay in our luxurious rooms, luxurious dining and original activities.

We currently have a summer package with (electric) bicycles, sailing with a sloop and culinary enjoyment at the best restaurants.

We work together with advisors.

You can also contact us for a Christmas package and groups. We are currently working on a very spectacular autumn / winter package!

For our arrangements we work exclusively with travel advisors Monique and Ilse / Karin from Personal Touch Travel. They can help you adapt the experience perfectly to your wishes. This way you can enjoy your stay in Friesland even more!

Herman de Blijker

The first thing that our guests notice is that the name of the Hotel has been changed to Hotel Anne-Klare. This is because Herman den Blijker and Annemarie van Gaal helped us get through the Corona crisis. The personal hospitable approach also deserved a personal name, which is why Herman has given the Hotel the name of the hostess and owner We are proud that our personal approach is reflected in the name!!